Aloe Vera Gel and Tea Tree, Jojoba,
Calendula, & Lavender Essential Oils
for Personal & Family Use

Welcome to the Aah-Ha Essences Pages. The products sold by Aah-ha are ones that I personally found of interest. The essences I use on a daily basis, highly recommend and want to share with you. All these essences are truly amazing in their own right and I have collated a lot of information for you from the internet about each product although, of course, I cannot verify that information. Used in combination, you have really handy access to fantastically inexpensive and chemical free products for yourself and family.

What I have also done is to write up two pages 'Personal Use' and 'Household Use' telling you how I use these products myself - I do hope you find them useful. I have also included some handy information about how to dilute essences and how to mix my Super5 Salve and how to convert drops into millilitres (mls), fluid ounces, spoons etc., (we do not always have a handy measure to hand in the form recommended - you may have a teaspoon but not an fluid ounce measure for instance).

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Our special pack contains:-
  • 15ml Australia Tea Tree Oil , (genuine 100% pure), in a glass bottle with a pipette
  • 1 100ml dispenser bottle –ready for you to make up a solution
  • A special free 30ml pot of Aloe Vera
  • Instructions and spare labels

Or you can opt for an alternative pack with:-

  • 50ml of Australia Tea Tree Oil , (genuine 100% pure), in a glass bottle with a measuring pipette.
  • 1 100ml dispenser bottle –ready for you to make up a solution
  • A special free 30ml pot of Aloe Vera
  • Instructions and spare labels.

All the bottle and containers we use are available empty on the sales page. We also stock, the foamer bottle, (mentioned elsewhere for dispensing home-made antiseptic soap), and individual bottles of Tea Tree, Calendula, Lavender and Jojoba Oils (each in two sizes) together with Aloe vera Gel. Please click 'Go to shop' above.

I hope you will find these products as useful as I do.

Cure your Back Pain
Bend and straighten without pain; no more getting stuck half-way up!
Enjoy family walks; no spoiling the outing by having to stop and rest frequently.
Take pleasure in your driving; no more lumber region throbbing as you attempt to shift your seating position
Play with your children or grandchildren; no sudden spasms stopping your enjoyment.
Be invigorated with a wonderful, smile-inducing, feeling of well-being. Stop the constant pain that drains your energy

Yoga for the family
If you thought that Yoga is only for people who are looking for spiritual enlightenment through meditation, then I have a welcome surprise for you. You gain all the benefits, both physical and psychological, of taking regular exercise without having to pound the pavement or spend gruelling time at the gym. Although Yoga movements are gentle, they are amazingly effective. And if you do happen to like taking part in sports, then Yoga helps tone your muscles and increase your focus so you enjoy even better results in your favourite activity.

Golf -
Reduce Your Handicap with Professional Help. Find out how to formulate your course strategy; play to the strengths of the course and accommodate the weaknesses. Avoid making an unforgivable faux pas in the all-important golf etiquette. And establish your reputation as a highly skilled and considerate player who is welcomed onto any course. is the site especially for lawn and indoor bowlers around the world:
It was run by Dickinson Enterprises (just like this site), but has now changed hands!
I expect it to go from strength to strength, so do have a look aroound. There will doubtless be changes, but the old site boasted:-

  • Bulletin Board
  • Computer Board
  • Second Hand
  • Technical Board & more
  • Find Programs and info on the 'About Bowls and Links' page - add your site or club

Depression Fighters
Depression Fighters Is The Formula Clinically Tested And Shown To:

  • Reduce the negative effects of worry and stress
  • Improve mood, reduce anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Promote happiness, joy and better overall health
  • Increase mental awareness and alertness
  • Increase your sexual libido
  • Restore balance in the body and circulatory energy to vital organs Home Page Solutions Menu Aah_ha_Contact